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SK Real Estate have a qualified team, available to carry out residential property valuations throughout Liverpool and surrounding areas.

This is equivalent to the basic mortgage valuation carried out on behalf of lending institutions.

It is a walk through style inspection only and generally takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Whilst the surveyor will take account of the apparent condition of the property when providing the assessment of value, the inspection does not include a detailed search for defects and therefore the valuation provided would be subject to the assumption that no significant defects exist as maybe detected as part of a more thorough survey.

The valuation report is particularly useful either for newer types of property, say less than 10 years old, where the likelihood of significant defects is remote or where a condition survey has already been carried out separately but the survey did not include a valuation. If you are obtaining a mortgage to help with your purchase, then the lender will normally commission a valuation inspection of this type and you will usually but not always be advised of its content.