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SK Real Estate, a seasoned and multifaceted real estate agency based in Liverpool, is here to support your journey towards leasing a commercial property. Our expert guidance, competitive pricing, and all-inclusive services equip you with the resources you need to make a well-informed decision.

With a commendable track record spanning 35 years of experience, we've successfully facilitated numerous commercial property transactions. In Merseyside, our accomplishments surpass any other estate agency, which has seen us crowned the EGi's Merseyside Deals Winner for four successive years.

Our services extend beyond just commercial property leasing or buying a commercial property. We offer expert advice on commercial mortgage processes, providing comprehensive information to make confident decisions. SK Real Estate has you covered whether you're seeking retail premises, office space, leisure-related properties, industrial sites & buildings, development opportunities, or even land sites.

The Benefits of Renting a Commercial Property

Choosing to rent a commercial property comes with a plethora of benefits:

  • Such as granting your business access to prime locations; these locations may not be available if you purchased a commercial property on your own.
  • Commercial property leases often offer flexible terms, an advantage that can be particularly beneficial during business growth or downsizing.
  • Commercial property leases often incorporate a 'full repairing and insuring' clause, also known as FRI leases. This clause ensures the landlord bears the maintenance costs, potentially leading to substantial savings for your business over time.
  • Renting a commercial property could also provide tax benefits. As a business tenant, you may be eligible for rent, utilities, and other expenses deductions.

We advise consulting with us and a tax expert to understand the potential tax implications for your business fully.

Navigating Your Lease Agreement

Understanding the terms of your lease agreement is paramount in any commercial property lease. Knowing any break clauses that could allow you to terminate the lease prematurely is crucial.

Your lease agreement may also stipulate service charges, covering aspects from the maintenance of shared spaces to waste disposal. It's highly advisable to consult with us or a legal advisor to grasp these costs fully. You need to consider planning permission if you plan to change the use of the property.

SK Real Estate collaborates with all parties, including solicitors and conveyancers, to ensure a seamless transaction. We're here to navigate you through the complex realm of commercial property leasing, helping your business aspirations come to fruition.

Reach out to us today to uncover how we can assist you in securing your perfect commercial property.

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